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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Perils and Webs

I was up before the sun this morning, poaching up some eggs, so had the joy of watching dawn break, frosty and clear. A perfect autumn morning with trees just beginning to array themselves in their fall colours and the frosty dew picking out the spider webs – everywhere.

Took a dogless walk (how I still miss Dusty!) and admired the translucent, soft, lacy webs linking thorns on the gorse, draping curtains on the broom, and positively blanketing the hay rolls. I wished I’d taken a camera because the webs covering the hay did, honestly, look like a thick and cosy blanket.

So, I thought, remembering the spider I squashed yesterday, here I am admiring the fancy footwork of said species. Well, the thing is, a place for everything and everything in its place. As long as the arachnids dwell outside and spin their intricate death-traps in the bushes, I am full of admiration. I just don’t appreciate them sharing my space.

Yes, so that was another thought. These normally invisible death-traps are revealed when the temps plummet and the dew falls. Do the hapless insects who are the usual victims enjoy a respite for a few hours, able to see the danger before they are in it? 

The world is full of hidden dangers. We are often hapless victims, becoming trapped and entangled before we are even aware of the danger. Thinking of so many folks who find themselves addicted to a substance having experimented just once or twice. Others who find themselves dead because of such substances – programme on ‘legal highs’ last week.

Praying this morning that God will keep my eyes open and able to perceive the pitfalls around me. I need help on this – one pair of eyes is not enough. I need the supernatural kind to discern the real perils littering my road. 

So do you.

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