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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hope in God never Fails

Met someone yesterday and heard her anguish at trying to steer teenagers through those troublesome years. Been there, done that. My heart went out to her. 

I encouraged her by sharing how wonderful it is when kids emerge from the tunnel of adolescence into the sunshine of maturity. It is so special to become friends after times of ‘going to the mat’ over issues of various sorts. It is so amazing to watch as they blossom into all they can be in Christ. Such a privilege. Such a blessing.

Such a reason for hope. We gazed on Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Prodigal in the Hermitage in St Petersburg a couple of weeks ago. Such a picture of intense emotions. For the two sons, the emotions are probably in a cauldron of confusion but for the Father, the emotion is clear: Love. Never mind what has passed. The lost is found. The son is returned. Time to celebrate.

I have great respect for parents these days as there are more pressures than ever on the children in their care. Even in ‘our day’, though, we could only navigate those turbulent waters of teenage years with God at the helm. There were times when we were totally out of control, being propelled down rapids that we wanted to bail out of, but in those times we held tight to God and trusted. Our family of believers prayed. And we never lost hope.

God is love. His answer is always yes. When we put our hope in him, it is expectant and joyful. So grateful.

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