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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Morning Glory

Had the camera this morning but the day is not nearly so stunning. Maybe it is in another way – low mist and fog swirl round, now lifting, now dipping, obscuring and revealing. But no golden dawn stretches glimmering rays towards me, picking out those spider webs which are, again, visible on gorse and hay.

The cold nips as I remove my gloves to capture a few images. Autumn is here. They say the geese have arrived early from Russia, signalling the prospect of the coldest winter coming for the last twenty years. We’ll see. 

Yes, so captured a few pics but basically I missed it yesterday, when it was so glorious. That’s the thing in life. You need to capture the moment and not think you’ll catch it next time. 

Forever God is faithful, and his mercies are new every morning, whether or not the morning is stunning. Have a great day.

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