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Monday, 28 November 2011

Clear Skies

Yesterday was a glorious day in Los Angeles.

The sun was bright in a clear blue sky – yes, really clear. I don’t know where the smog and haze had gone, but they were outta there.

After dropping Robbie into the mayhem of LAX, I joined Mom and Mhairi at Mhairi’s garden apartment in Studio City. It’s a wee oasis in the midst of a sprawling city. A cul de sac without sidewalks, heavily shaded by overhanging bamboo, brightened up by deep red bougainvilla flowers. A Jacuzzi and small swimming pool are there for her use, and the small square of grass outside her window provides a backdrop for the antics of various animals. Squirrels. Possums. Birds.

And occasionally, horrifically, seven rats.

Well, only the garden of Eden was perfect.

We went up to the Griffith Park Observatory where we enjoyed panoramic views over the whole LA basin area. And a clear view of the iconic Hollywood sign. 

We saw the exhibits, enjoyed the sun, and ate well afterwards. 

A glorious day.

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