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Saturday, 26 November 2011

November heat

Feel that November Sun!

Now here is one thing I do miss about Southern California, when I’m shivering in Scotland. 

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I am in a sleeveless shirt, putting on sunscreen to avoid a burn.
You just don’t get that in Banchory in November; only rarely in the summertime. 

Just back from the Muppet movie, which brought some laughs. And a sad smile when Miss Piggy sang, remembering how much Judy loved Miss Piggy.

That’s the thing about life, isn’t it? There is a thin line between the smiles and the tears.

It’s been a lovely weekend with Mhairi and Robbie here. We’ll be up at the crack to get Robbie to LAX for 7.30 am. Then a few hours with Mhairi before she needs  re-enter her working world.

Sunshine through the rain. 

A rainbow, the promise of God reminding me that he is in charge, and all is well.

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