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Monday, 28 November 2011

Making Plans

A road trip. Sounds fun, just the words of it. It’s awhile since I’ve driven north to Sacramento and beyond.

We put the car in for a service and to be given the once-over for road-worthiness this morning. The guy was so helpful and friendly. Made me feel better, watching Mom so able to drive over there herself and handle his questions. She is just amazing for 87. Please may I have her genes...

Now we’re looking at maps, talking through timings, hoping and praying no fog will materialize along the way. I thought the fog hugged the coast, but apparently the freeway up the middle of the state, 5, can also be socked in. 

Mom’s been calling her friends, telling them the good news that we’ll be stopping by.

Soon we’ll start calling some motels and making some reservations. One night we’ll just stop where we find ourselves, as we’re not sure of timings since we’ll be visiting people.

It’s good to make plans. It’s also good to be flexible. You never know when God might drop a diversion into your day, which he really wants you to follow up on. 

The sun is out and I’m in shorts and sandals in November. God is good.

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