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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Both Joshua and Moses were told to take off their sandals because they were standing on holy ground. 

I remember once feeling God told me to do that during my prayer time, and I did. 

But generally, holiness is a word without the depth of reverence and awe it should have. I was singing a couple of songs about holiness just yesterday, without really thinking about what that meant. The holiness of God. The perfection. The goodness. 

It’s amazing that we can approach him at all. Today I want to recover a sense of awe when I speak to him. I need to expect to see Him answer prayers in front of my eyes, and I think that comes when I have a sense of his awesomeness and holiness. It’s too easy to demote him to just a little above my own level, like a brother, rather than keep him on his throne where he reigns all powerfully and with love and goodness.

Holy is the Lord God Almighty. And I am so grateful for what Jesus did so that I can approach the throne of grace. 

Aren’t you?

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