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Friday, 3 February 2012

Jerusalem Jottings

On February 2 I turned my face towards Jerusalem. 

Not because it was Groundhog Day and I wanted to see my shadow. But because there is about one month to go before I truly will turn my face towards Jerusalem.

I’m going on Pilgrimage.

Though in a sense, I’ve always been on Pilgrimage. 

And it slightly worries me that when the Bible says Jesus turned his face towards Jerusalem, it heralded the beginning of the end. But oh, what a glorious end!

So. On February 2, I bought myself a handbag large enough to contain the IPAD Don and I bought for each other for Christmas. :-) 

I hope to travel light. Carry-on luggage only. We’ll see.

Rather belatedly, I’m starting to look for books I should be reading in preparation. I would have thought this tour company would have recommendations. But no.

I’m thinking of purchasing some sort of teach yourself Hebrew book. I am sure that Don already has a teach yourself Arabic. 

Not that I will probably need them. I fear that the most historic sites may feel a little like Disneyland, complete with cute kiosk staff and ‘have a nice day’ English speakers. But still. 

I’m beginning to think of ready cash. Dollars? Shekels? Talents?

But the most exciting thing I’m thinking about, is the seed of a writing project. 

We’ll see how we go.

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