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Friday, 3 February 2012

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Well, I didn’t have a camera with me, but I won’t write a thousand words on this. 

Imagine the scene. I was sitting in my prayer nook in the window by the driveway. Don walked past, returning from exercising the dog, and soon Dusty bounced into sight, her tennis ball clenched hopefully between her teeth. 

She stopped, staring at Don, who I knew would be in the garage getting sticks for the fire. Her tail wagged – he emerged and headed towards – the house. Her tail stopped wagging; the tennis ball dropped to the ground, and she stood still as a statue, watching, hoping, barely able to breathe. 

He must have paused to look at the birds feeding. She half bounced, turning round and heading for the front lawn, anticipating that he would be right behind, ball in hand, ready for a game.

But she was wrong. He came inside, and soon, so did she.

How often is my heavenly Father hoping that after I’ve done the usual daily quiet time, reading my Bible and praying, I’ll linger around a bit and play? I’ll lighten up. I’ll hear a divine laugh, and I’ll laugh with him. I’ll just enjoy his company.

You’d think that after such a thought, I’d have lingered this morning. But I didn’t. Instead I drank coffee with Don.

Maybe this afternoon. I hate to think I’m disappointing my Saviour and friend, by not wanting just to hang out with him a bit longer.

And I hate to think of what I'm missing.

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