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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Family Blessings

A house full of family. Not everyone is here, but many are, and from afar. There is a lot of laughter, some expectations, a lot of food and teasing. You have to have a thick skin to survive in this family. 

Tennis is on in front of me; the anticipation of watching Murray, the great Scottish-British hope, storm through is enough to make you think he’s bound to fail. At the moment though Federer is powering through to victory.  Until the rain stops play.

It’s the Fourth of July. I have a scrapbook of memories in my memory bank of past Fourths. Homemade ice cream – the rock salt, the taking turns at cranking it, the ice cream so cold it gave you a brain freeze. Heat, sunshine, fireworks in the evening. It got dark by 8 in California. Can’t have fireworks in a place where it doesn’t get dark til 11, unless you have it at midnight.  My memories here are fun, too. BBQ, usually cooked in the garage, someone racing back to the house through the rain with the cooked food. Flags flapping in the moist air. Friends coming round to celebrate.

We’ll do it today again, later. We’d all love it to be hot and sunny – it has been some years (including last year) – but we’ll enjoy ourselves whatever the weather.

My heart is full of gratitude to God, for such a family. For such love and laughter. I don’t take it for granted.

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