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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Endued with power


That is kind of a new word to me. Endued. The dictionary says it means to invest or endow with some gift, faculty or quality. 

I just read it in Psalm 89, where the writer describes God’s arm as ‘endued with power’. I’ve got an image in my mind from the Olympics of men’s powerful arms. 

Did the biceps of Jesus bulge with powerful muscles? I doubt it – I think Scripture is talking about a different sort of power, a different sort of arm even. 

But it’s good to have an image in my brain. It’s even comforting to have an image. Power can seem random, but the next verse of this Psalm gives God attributes of righteousness and justice, love and faithfulness. He is light and he desires a personal relationship with his children. A personal God, who is the glory and strength of those who love him and celebrate who he is.

I love knowing that God is endued with power, and that he is the source of love. 

Don’t you?

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