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Friday, 3 August 2012


I walked down the familiar lane, eyes fixed on my mobile phone as I texted one of my sons. Sent the text, looked up and saw I had walked into a wonderland of delicate beauty – unawares.

The morning had started with a low cloud cover, leaving droplets of moisture to pick out the billions of spider webs on every bush, tree and even the grass on the ground. Of course they were beautiful – lacy and fragile yet strong. It wasn’t their beauty that spoke to me this morning, though, so much as their hiddenness – now revealed.

It reminded me of something Jesus taught. That everything we say and do will one day be revealed. Although we may think we can get away with something, one day it, like these spider webs, will be revealed. 

That was my negative thought – or challenging one, anyway. On a more positive note, I was thinking about something I went to this week called CLAN. Christians Linked Across the Nation. It happens every year at this time, when a ‘big top’ style marquee/tent is erected in a (muddy) field in St Andrews, encircled by a clutch of smaller marquees. Thousands of Christians gather to celebrate Jesus the Saviour, to be challenged about their Christian walk by excellent speakers, and to be educated about the various initiatives happening round the world to help other people, Christians and non-Christians. And to have fun. To eat and laugh together. To share ideas, be inspired by God, and encourage each other.

It is a time for networking. Those invisible threads – at once so fragile and yet so strong – which link believers across the nation become exposed. People discover they are not praying on their own about a situation, but that God has actually raised up a family of people who are inspired to pray on for the health and sake of the nation, the world, and individuals. Old friendships are renewed, new friendships are made, the links are strengthened and as the week draws to a close, prepare to be hidden once again. 

It’s a beautiful, wondrous network of love for one another, rooted in an abiding love for Jesus. A network – a family – which will stand the test of time and remain family for all eternity. A family which draws strength from looking up first, and then looking out. 

I’ve glimpsed the future, and it’s all good. Hallelujah.

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