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Monday, 21 July 2014

Leaves for the Healing of the Nations

The leaves of a fruitful bush growing beside a spring of fresh water will be used for the healing of the nations, the Bible tells us in Ezekiel.

The fruit from the bush nourishes the hungry; the leaves are used for the healing of the nations.

I’ve been thinking of this for hours as I picked blackcurrants, and am up to my eyeballs in blackcurrants readying them for jam making. I think I need to revisit a bit of botany and photosynthesis and what the purpose of leaves really is!

I believe that leaves absorb some of the pollutants in the air, and then along with using the sunlight they convert it into the green goodness of plants. I think I need to make sure of this, but it does have some obvious parallels to the purpose of leaves in this biblical sense.

Perhaps never has the world been in more need of healing. We Christians need to spend more time in the Word to figure out just what this verse means. The healing of the nations...

As we Christians immerse ourselves in the living water, fully refreshed in Jesus, we bear fruit which nourishes the spiritually famished around us. And maybe there is a sense that we also act as leaves, attracting pollutants – bad attitudes, thoughts, atmospheres, etc – and converting them into healthy attitudes.

How does that bring healing to the nations? One person at a time?
What do you think?

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