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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More hanging chavs

Still considering those hanging chavs. I think it’s going to become a shorthand expression in my home as I recognise that there are recurring things all the way through life which need reviewing and resolving. It really is part of living in the real world. 

The garden keeps needing weeded. The roses need dead-heading. The carpets need vacuuming. Windows need washing. Walls need repainting. Bills need paying and direct debits need monitoring. These things are normal and not worrying, just tiring and sometimes tedious. 

Occasionally, however, one of the recurring things is worrying because it’s not quite right and needs investigating. An invoice that doesn’t tally. A bank transaction that doesn’t seem right. An online scam. Those, for me, are the hanging chavs which I need to learn to take in my stride and not let any anxiety creep in. So, this morning I have swept away one of the hanging chavs which was exercising my brain the other night. There remain a few more but because I’ve had success with the one, I feel encouraged.

Remember. God reminds us throughout the Bible to remember the good things he’s done for us in the past, so that when we are faced with a new challenge we can take heart, reassured that he is always with us and ready to help. Stronger together.

Sometimes people say with a sigh, ‘All you can do is pray.’ ‘All’? That is such a powerful ally in our walk through life, even as we negotiate the annoying hanging chavs. 

I am so grateful to God. Life must be a real lonely battlefield if you aren’t aware of the powerful ally standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

I am giving thanks for the hanging chavs in my life today, as I feel God’s breath on my face and his Spirit within, empowering me to understand, to sort, and to be encouraged.

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