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Monday, 18 July 2016


Little foxes may be cute – I’m not sure as I’ve not seen any up close. But most baby animals have some cuteness about them. They are no doubt distracting – when I allow them into the garden of my relationship with Jesus they can draw my attention away from him. They may be annoyances like house repairs needing attention or weeding needing done. They may ratchet up when it could be confusion over billing or internet or banking fraud. Or family or friend anxieties.

The little foxes transform into marauding wolves when they become vicious and violent: Promenade des Anglaises in Nice or Istanbul Airport or Brussels Airport. Or when political change and upheaval dominate every news bulletin and always are delivered in tones of dark despair and doom. 

How do I alter my perspective and maintain my relationship with Jesus? How do I hang on to the joy of the Lord and let his light shine out in these dark days? 

Isaiah wrote thousands of years ago that those who wait on the Lord will mount up on wings like eagles. Eagles have vision. They can see the whole picture – or at least more of it than I can at ground level. So, I need discipline and steely-mindedness to resist the distractions of the foxes and the wolves. They should get some of my prayer time, but not all of it. As I wait upon the Lord, however hard that is in the midst of everything that is going on, my prayers will gain accuracy and effectiveness. 

With God’s help,  I will wait on the Lord, and soar like an eagle.

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