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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Slimy Slugs

Slugs are gross. Another burning question for God when I get to heaven: Why slugs? That’s right after, why didn’t we get a third set of teeth? (And maybe, explain the reason for midges, please?)

One of the most prolific living things in our garden is slugs. And their cousins the snails. Voracious appetites. Sliming along munching our strawbs and lettuce and spinach – nothing redeeming about them as far as I can tell.

This morning I spied the tell-tale trail of one wandering round the doormat. The very rough doormat at the garden door. A modicum of sympathy for him as I thought of how bad that must feel on an exposed belly. Well, then, but what was he doing inside my house? Should have stayed outside in the pouring rain.

He got into the house, but he was flummoxed by the scratchy doormat. The doormat is there to stop the dirt (and slugs) from entering the house. Great thing to have.

It’s good to have a scratchy doormat on every entry way to one’s mind and spirit. There are an awful lot of slimy ideas in current culture. If we’re not vigilant, they can slide into our thoughts and begin to transform our thinking in ugly ways, ways that intertwine and gradually become entangled with the godly thoughts we previously held. 

That scratchy doormat is the Word of God, in writing and in person, and the Holy Spirit. It is friends who hold us accountable. It is meditative listening for that still small voice. 

Be alert, Jesus ordered. Don’t let any of those gross ideas move in with you.

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