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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


A clap of thunder overhead and I was awake, haring through the house pulling plugs on the phones and computer. Been there, done that, and it was very expensive. And frustrating. And time-consuming.

But now the day has started, there is work to be done and everything is plugged in again. Ominously, in the distance, thunder still rumbles and grumbles on.

What should be our reaction when the world grumbles and groans as it is right now? We don’t have an option to pull the plug until it passes. We have to keep plugged in. 

We are in challenging times, when jaw-dropping statements don’t disqualify from running for the presidency, when threats and counter-threats, sanctions and wars and refugees and domestic terrorism are in the news every day. When leaders take us into uncharted territory and then resign, one after the other, and there is a sense of malaise and lostness. A sense that we are wandering in the desert.

My people die for lack of vision, God says in the Bible. The rain is pounding down now, and the stage is set for God’s men and women to step up, full of vision, full of hope, full of the Holy Spirit. Come on, Church. Don’t lose your nerve now.

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