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Friday, 1 July 2016


Don sells wonderful flotation suits for fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. The jackets and bib and braces suits all contain static flotation aids which don’t depend on being inflated in a crisis. They just work to keep you afloat and warm(ish) while awaiting rescue or indeed swimming to safety. 

Many lives have been saved through this apparel. Fishermen traditionally resist wearing inflatable life jackets because of their tendency to inflate when wet (stormy seas with water splashing all around) and they are easily nicked with sharp filleting knives, rendering them useless. 

I can see an analogy with faith. Faith in Jesus Christ is like a flotation suit which keeps me afloat in all kinds of inclement ‘weather’. As the storms rage, Jesus maintains hope and faith in him for a future which is good. 

I don’t have to fumble my way through FB looking for an upbeat poster or encouraging platitude to keep me going. As I read my Bible, my foothold on the Rock is firmed up and I know that the God of love is sovereign and all is well, whatever happens.

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