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Monday, 26 September 2016

Good for your heart

Just back from a walk with my neighbour. We meet a couple times a week and are pushing on to increase the distance gradually. Sometimes we chat about the cows and their calves, or the gardens or the fields as we pass. Other times we engage with bigger subjects that engross us and before we know it, we have arrived at our turning-around place. 

Companions on life’s road add joy and interest. The conversation is a side-effect of the walking, which we are doing to try to regain fitness, but in fact, the conversation deepens our relationship, probably boosts our endorphins and often leads to laughter. 

I also like a quiet walk on my own, but there is something special about a shared walk. I heard of an acquaintance yesterday, diagnosed with dementia in his late sixties, who has been taken off on a hill walk with an old friend. He can no longer go on his own as words and map-reading fail him now. A blessing to have such a friend.

Walking is good for your heart, in lots of ways.

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