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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minutiae of the Mundane

The sky is blue and the wind is blustery. Fiercely blustery. We headed off for a quick walk, neither of us fond of strong winds but eager to pursue our new discipline. 

Half way down the road to the fort, Don wondered aloud if we would come across any deer, surmising they wouldn’t hear us coming in this noisy gale. I realised then that the unpleasantness of the wind caused me to almost curl up  physically, with my face to the ground. If a deer had risen out of the undergrowth I’d have missed it.

When the wild winds blow it is tempting to shut down, close eyes and draw the mental curtains. I raised my head and saw the beauty of the day, though there were no disturbed deer leaping through the reeds and long grass. 

Sometimes it takes a deliberate effort, and someone to remind us, to look up and see the beauty all around. We can so easily focus on the minutiae of the mundane or the anxiety or sorrow of the moment, thereby missing the panorama prepared for us by God.

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