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Monday, 5 September 2016

Of Fears and Pheasants

We plod along side by side, Mary and I, determined to regain some fitness by walking together a couple times each week. Today we reached our goal: the end of the road just over a mile away. 

We reached our goal because I was recounting a story which absorbed our attention and so, distracted from what we were doing, we arrived at our destination unexpectedly. 

Life can be exhausting, especially when we focus too closely on it. We’re celebrating new birth in our family but it came at the cost of a long and wearying road for those directly involved. Traumatic and a challenge to keep eyes on Jesus and reject the silent fears that threaten to overpower at times. 

Turning back into our drive after our successful walk this morning, I found nine pheasants milling around. As I progressed up the drive, I herded them in front of me. They were in various states of alarm and in twos and threes they made dives into the bushes and the neighbouring field to avoid my approach. And at last, there were none.

Nothing I could have said or done would have allayed the fears those pheasants had. I intended no harm but any reassuring words would have fallen on deaf, uncomprehending ears. 

Sometimes Life comes round the corner behind me and I scurry along in front full of fear until at last, I dive under the sheltering wing of my Saviour and breathe, secure and safe again. 

I am so grateful for the grace and mercy of God. I give him my fears, my failures, and my doubts and rest in his unconditional love.

And I am so grateful for all those who plod along at my side as we walk each other Home, loving and forgiving and encouraging each other as we go.

May God bless you with faithful companions on the journey through Life.

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