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Monday, 19 September 2016

Live from the heart

I’ve got a To-Do list longer than long and feel slightly stressed by that. By a deadline which is looming for giving a talk which I don’t feel I have time and space to prepare in the way I normally would. 

Someone said to me this morning that it’s people’s stories folk like to here. Tell my story in the context of the meeting. 

She is right. I tend to over-prepare. This time I shall prepare as well as I can and leave the rest to God, to prompt, inspire and guide me as I choose my words and my stories and their application.
Priorities. Other things are in there right now and they have priority. A whole variety of things going on, all of which I want to embrace fully and offer whatever I have to help people get over their current hurdles and onto the next, smoother part of their journeys through life.

I determine again to live from the heart. Not the head.

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