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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Autumn in Scotland

Never is Scotland prettier than at this time of year, as summer surrenders to autumn and the trees light up, one by one, in the glorious shades of dying embers. Fruitfulness fades into memory but so does the slavery to grass-cutting and weed-pulling. 

There is a deep sigh. Contented and satisfied. Winter may be approaching but for the moment, I will embrace the moment. 

German guests – new friends – driving off to the ferry from Newcastle and onwards to Hannover. Promises of reciprocal visits. Never too late to make new friends, to see new areas of God’s great creation.

Autumn brings with it a focus on priorities. My priorities are always God, and people. Though sometimes, I confess, I let the busyness of people marginalise God. May autumn bring a deeper wisdom to me as well.

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