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Monday, 17 October 2016

Water-based Workouts

Water-based workouts are gaining in popularity. While balancing on floating mats, participants go through the exercises demonstrated by the teacher. This requires serious engagement of the core muscles to maintain balance on an unstable platform. I imagine there is a lot of hilarity and frustration as participants regularly plunge off the bobbing base.

We live life on a bobbing base. Storms of uncertainty, of sorrow and grief can seriously rock the mats on which we balance. Jesus told a story about building our lives on the rock of faith in him, but even when our lives are built on the rock of Jesus, we can still be threatened by choppy waves of circumstances and events. 

Though alarming and unwanted, these waves of life can help strengthen our spiritual core. We don’t really welcome trouble but Jesus also told us in this world we would have trouble. Jesus had trouble. He had the cross. 

The cross is our spiritual core. Tsunamis of grief and pain may threaten to sweep us off our rock of faith in Jesus, but as we cling to the cross we discover that we are anchored forever in him.

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