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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


For two months we have struggled to be taken seriously by BT: struggled with an intermittent service which latterly has been more often off than on. Finally today an engineer persevered until he (hopefully) found the problem and fixed it.

We have been feeling very disconnected.

One of my cousins recently emailed a photo of her with three other cousins sharing a couch. Each of them was from a different sibling and I had a pang, that there were two more siblings in my mother’s generation who had no rep there on that couch of connectedness. Separated by miles but connected by blood.

I’ve just returned from a funeral of a delightful nonagenarian who had lived most of her life in our small town. A network of family ties emerged.

Equally, though, was the network of Church Family ties, those of us in the congregation who have known and loved dear Hilda for years and decades. To many of us she was the welcoming, encouraging, loving mother-figure in our daily lives.

She has moved on, but my faith assures me that though she is out of sight, we are still connected.
There is no struggle of fraying communication lines breaking the signal between us, but a calm assurance that though the connection with her is down, in Jesus we are forever linked. 

There is a peace prevailing which I don’t sense when I look apprehensively for the blue light on the home hub, fearful that once again it may be flashing orange. In Jesus the signal is always blue.

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