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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Beacon of Light

Let there be light. As darkness gave way to dawn and the Verrazano Bridge loomed in front, pinpoints of car lights became distinguishable. Inside each car, at least one individual headed to work, preoccupied by thoughts of the day ahead. God rode in every car, in the heart of every individual, whether or not they recognised his presence.
On the water, traffic moved in every direction. Towards port, away from port, transporting people from Staten Island to Manhattan and back again. The lights of the metropolis grew more distinct. Freedom Tower was unmistakable; the Statue of Liberty harder to find. 

My thoughts were with my ancestors. My great grandparents entered New York Harbour on a ship in 1892. No Verrazano Bridge. No Staten Island Ferry, Freedom Tower, cars or lights.
But the Statue of Liberty had been erected in 1886 and stood as a beacon of hope to my great grandparents and their four young children, under five years old. A beacon of hope, but a beacon of fear as well, as many even in those days were denied entry, usually for health reasons. Don and I stood on deck, excited and amazed at the beauty of the awakening city. My emotions ran high.
Jesus taught that we are to welcome the homeless. Who I am today hung on the decision to admit the Steenbocks to the USA on that day in 1892. May I display in all my thoughts, prayers and words, today, nothing but lavish generosity, welcome and love. There is a hurting world out there, and Jesus loves every individual.

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