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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


This is the day the Lord has made. And it really does feel like May, even here in Scotland!

It’s usually a surprise when we get a day like this. If I’ve learned one thing in my four decades in this northern country, it’s never to count on the weather forecast to be right. The other thing I’ve learned, weather-wise, is just because the sun is out and the sky is blue, it doesn’t follow that it is warm.

However, today it is a day for the garden. So having done my errands and got the washing on, now a bit more work outside round the fruit bushes. 

It’s easy to joyfully sing that this is the day the Lord has made, when things are going well. 

Sometimes, though, it is a sacrifice to praise the Lord, because there are things which make it feel unnatural to be joyful. Anxieties, sleep deprivation, ill health. 

Even so, the psalmist says, this is the day the Lord has made. What he has made, is good. Just as he is good. All the time.

Put on your sunscreen.

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