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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Green string and Christmas

I just noticed a piece of green plastic string – probably 2 metres long – tied to the curtain rail and left hanging there since it helped support the unstable Christmas tree five months ago.

I’ve been aware it was there but suddenly it is getting in my way. But I’m aware that actually, it’s only seven more months till we probably will have another unstable Christmas tree requiring a steadying support. Has everyone else been wondering when the slapdash homemaker would get around to taking that green string down, or is everyone else as blind or unconcerned about it as I have been?

It’s amazing how we can have artificial supports in our lives which we gradually become unaware of. They become part of the furniture of our minds/lives/spirits. We rely on them sometimes even more than we rely on God, whose support is secure, natural, supernatural even, and never breaks or lets us go.

Will stop now and get the scissors. At least I can attend to that pesky green string.

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