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Thursday, 4 May 2017

God's DNA

Sorry, the technician told Don when he took my new phone back into the shop. The previous day, a different technician had moved all my ‘stuff’ off my old phone onto the new one, but when I’d got home I discovered none of the phone numbers were in my Contacts list. Looks like a mistake was made. Now they are gone from both phones, old and new.

Because the signal has been so poor at our place I’ve rarely used it to make phone calls or even texts, so it hasn’t been such a big deal. I’ve contacted those who I think might try to call or message me, and I can manually re-enter the numbers.

Not much was at stake for me, but when I think of how the next generation depend on their phones for maintaining friendships and even business relationships, I can see why they might freak out at such a mistake.

God never makes mistakes. The miracle of creation: we see it at least every spring when new plants sprout from the seeds of parent plants. Ready to bear fruit or display blossom according to what their genes have programmed them to do. We see it in new babies, as we recognise traits from the parents blended into a new little miracle. 

Before I created you in the womb, I knew you, God says. Every life is precious, bearing the DNA of God himself.

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