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Friday, 5 May 2017

Those pesky weeds

I’m just in from trying to clear a bit of ground to put in the bedding plants. I say trying, because the earth there is a mass of tree roots, interwoven with ground elder shoots which twist and turn all over the place. I did what I could and put in the plants. Now we’ll see which is the hardiest: the weeds or the pansies.

I think I know the answer already.

Some bad habits and thought patterns have a way of sinking tap roots deep into my psyche. Despite my most focused efforts, they are entwined amongst other thoughts and habits so tightly that they just won’t budge.

I don’t have any problem believing that I need God. Only he has the precision tools to uproot destructive thoughts completely and replace them with healing, wholesome ones. Thoughts and habits that will bloom and carry fragrances that will bless others. Thanks be to God.

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