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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Having coffee with a dear friend I’ve known now for probably nearly twenty years. We rarely meet up – she has her challenges and I am just busy. Her birthday just passed, so we will have our own quiet celebration, sharing joys and woes, reminiscing and looking forward to good things to come – travel, weddings and winter Olympic bids.

Coming by the house just before I leave, however, will be Don’s sister and their friend of a lot more years than twenty – they all grew up together. No doubt as they share coffee they will also share joys and woes, reminisce and look forward. 

Friends are such a gift from God. We should carve out more time to spend with them. Relationship is what life is all about, not tidy houses and gourmet dinners. 

Getting the balance right is not easy. Getting the balance between spending time with God alone, or in groups of like-minded folks praying or studying the Bible, and spending time hanging out with friends and family, or doing good things in the community, is not easy. 

I doubt if we ever get it exactly right. Just have to pray and go, or not. And trust God to use my little offering to make a difference in someone’s life today.

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