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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reflected Light

Another one on the subject of light. Must be the dark nights getting to me.

It’s just that this morning I was out walking a little earlier than normal, 7.30 am, and that moon was still hanging in the western sky. It gave enough light for me to be able to walk without turning on the torch. It feels almost like a friend now, having hung there for the last few days, morning and evening. I’ll miss it when it phases out.

So I was enjoying walking by the moonlight. And that led me on to think that the moon is not a primary light source, but rather a receiver of sunlight which is then reflected down to us here on earth. Which made me think, that though I as a Christian am not a primary light source, still I am called to reflect the light of Christ that is in me into the darkness all around, so that others can walk by the light of God, too. Without even realizing it sometimes. 

Which again, drew me to admit that there are things that happen in my daily life which can spoil my reflection capabilities. Clouds of anxiety, of anger, of impatience or faithlessness can obscure the light within me, so that not only are others walking in a darkness deeper because I am failing them, but so am I. 

Thy word is a lamp to my feet, Scripture says. As the Word lives in me through the power of the Spirit, so His truth and love, peace and joy can radiate out to touch others. 

And unlike the moon, I shouldn’t phase out.

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