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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rivers of Light

Maybe because we are in the darkest time of the year, my thoughts seem to keep turning to light. Of course, the light is gradually returning now, but still the days are short.

I was remembering this morning a picture God gave a dear lady I knew in Huntly before I moved to Banchory, over thirty years ago. At a prayer meeting, while others were praying for me and my impending move, this lady was given a picture of a dark map of Scotland, and gradually she saw rivers of light begin to flow into Banchory.

I held onto that promise, especially as it took me about six months to find a prayer partner. But eventually I did, and watched over the years as God drew people from all over the world into Banchory, people with vibrant faith who could share new ways of worshipping and approaching God and living out lives to his glory. Rivers of light.

It is wonderful when cultures mix and merge and share the best each one enjoys. The light then intensifies, and now there are so many bright beacons of faith in Banchory and we are watching them go out from us and move into new areas geographically. And so the strength of the light grows.

Even in our family, where we have a real richness of cultures mixing together, there is a joy in learning new traditions and adding them into the many we already have. And so I have just been reading about Tet, and am looking forward to celebrating our first Viet New Year in a couple of weeks.

May your days be filled with light.

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