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Monday, 16 January 2012

Hopeless or Hopeful? It's your choice

It’s cold – the frost lies thick on the ground and ice hardens the puddles. Even Dusty’s football has hardened into concrete.

They say today is the most depressing day of the year in the UK. The bleak winter feels serious; the Christmas bills land on the doormat – and they can really be serious; and the Christmas pounds still sag round the waistline. 

Well, true enough, our credit card bill landed on the doormat and doesn’t make pleasant reading. But I am going to stand up to the onslaught and temptation to let my mood sink. I had a brisk walk round Scolty this morning with a dear friend and then enjoyed good coffee with her. Came home in time to finish making the homemade mushroom soup I’d started yesterday, and Don lit the fire, which always raises spirits. 

And then with a determined glint in my eye I opened my Bible to continue pursuing that one hour a day quiet time, which can be so easily dropped out of my routine. I read; I prayed; I listened. And then I listened some more. 

As a result, I’ve repented again – by which I mean – as Tony taught us yesterday – not feeling loaded with guilt and shame but just turning away from the path I was treading and turning round to God. Again. Heading towards him in all I do and say. 

I feel energised and encouraged. The past failures need not entangle me and trip me up. New hope rises that, one day at a time, I can establish this daily communication and strengthen this amazing relationship which God calls us all to.  That is too amazing to understand without a whoop of joy! That God, the Creator of all things, wants to have a relationship with us. With me.

Wow. No depression here. Looking up; looking forward; trusting.

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