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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Moon Rise

An astonishingly big, orange moon hung suspended over the next door farmhouse as I ventured out with Dusty last night about 5. Most of the daylight was gone and this huge orange plate was gloriously bright and beautiful.

Then I followed Dusty’s lead, plunging into the dark forest where no view of moon or anything else was possible. Eventually even Dusty acted a bit spooked by the shadows and unremitting darkness. When I failed to follow her further in to check out the rabbit holes, she came back to me and walked close as we headed out of the dark forest and into the moonlight.  Soft but illuminating. A lovely light.

This morning, as I rounded the other next door farmhouse and rejoined the road home at about 8 am, I was amazed to see the moon again, now in the western side of the sky and no longer glowing orange, but still impressive in its size. Within seconds, swirling clouds passed over it and it was lost to view again. Nothing but gray sky. Nothing to indicate the moon hung suspended there at all.

The eastern sky was beginning to streak with the red flags of dawn, but as yet no light source had risen above the horizon. Yet I could see clearly.

Sometimes we can have the Light in our lives, yet still choose to plunge into the dark forest where we can easily lose our way and become snared in rabbit holes or worse. Sometimes we are unaware of the Light in our lives, and yet we are able to walk steadily forward in it. 

‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.’ Psalm 119:105. Today I want to walk securely in that light. Off to study my Bible.

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