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Friday, 10 October 2014

An Equine Treat

I’ve been collecting the windfall apples by the back door and it was such a glorious autumn morning, I headed down the road for a walk and a rendezvous with the two horses in a field about half a mile from here.

The sun was breaking through like a spotlight, shining down on a specific bit of ground somewhere else. But for me, I was enjoying the varying shades of grey, mauve, orange and yellows and greens. It is a favourite season. 

The horses were on the far side of the field so I began whistling (a pretty pathetic whistle it is I have, but it was enough to attract these horses). For a few moments they watched my progress along the road to the gate and then the white one broke into a canter towards me, followed by the rather larger black one.

They were greedy for the apples, devouring them as if they hadn’t been fed for days. I have to confess I was a bit tentative offering the apple to the big black one, whose teeth looked as if they could do some damage if they thought I was offering a fat finger rather than an apple. However, he didn’t, and I hung on to all my digits.

There is something absolutely breathtaking about horses racing freely across a field together. The exuberance. The joy. The power and majesty. The companionship. 

Jesus came to set us free from all that binds us – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. He has given us the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live lives dedicated to God. 

I think I must have raced freely back because I have accomplished a lot this morning already, including giving grateful thanks to God for his amazing gifts, especially that gift of freedom. Christ has set us free, if we only allow him to unwrap us.

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