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Friday, 17 October 2014

Everything Beautiful

The mist hung like a curtain over the land as we headed out of Aberdeen to go home. The further inland we drove, the more the curtain lifted and by the time we drove into our drive, the sun had broken through and was shining on the trees in all their harlequin finery. A beautiful sight.

So often we see, as Paul writes, ‘through the glass darkly’. What is happening all around us seems incomprehensible, and we feel disappointed or confused.  Reminds me of the metaphorical image of life being like a rich tapestry, displaying a tangle of threads and loose ends on the back but on the front side, revealing a beautiful picture. 

If mist obscures your view today and you feel lost and aimless, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Remember that God’s Word (the Bible) is a lamp to our feet, revealing the way forward one step at a time. 

The sun will break through and reveal a glorious landscape when the time is right. We will be surprised at the picture on the front of the tapestry perhaps, but God won’t be. He is the grand weaver who is making everything beautiful in its time.

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