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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fascinating Face

Why do I find it so fascinating to stare at the beautiful face of my sleeping 4-week-old granddaughter? Delighting in every flicker of a gassy smile. Wondering at every frown that etches lines on that young forehead. Dreams? Discomfort? 

Everyone says how awesome it is to be a grandparent, and now I understand. 

So I spent a fun four hours helping her mum get out and about and accomplish some errands which took time and energy. And then we stopped for a coffee. 

I am very grateful to be able to help. To live so close that I can get there in half an hour and just cuddle and rock to my heart’s content. My mother was denied that opportunity, as I live so far away. 

The Bible says we are grafted into the family of God. Adopted in through our faith in Jesus our brother. God is our almighty Father. And he gazes with that same degree of love that have as we gaze at our granddaughter, and used to show as we gazed at our own children.

Fascinated by the frowns. Delighted with the smiles. Excited when we look at Him with as much love as he shows when he looks at us. 

Felicity is still too young to smile. Too young to register recognition of her gramma or anyone else. 

But it won’t be long. And once she starts, I know – or I can imagine – how incredible it will feel to have her look at me and smile with reflected love. 

Gratitude to God for my life is a first step, which opens the door for the flood of love for One who would lay down his life for me.

I want to meet his loving gaze.

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