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Monday, 22 June 2015

A thief in the night

While people are saying 'peace and safety', destruction will come on them suddenly.

That was the situation in the church in Charleston last week. Peaceful,people reading their bibles together, suddenly gunned down by a traitor in their midst, a wolf in sheep' s clothing.

The grown children of one of the victims were interviewed on TV less than 24 hours later and with dry eyes, they proclaimed forgiveness for the gunman and nothing but love in their hearts towards everyone. They declared the truth that love is stronger than hate and that love will prevail. They thanked people for standing with them.

Destruction came on them suddenly. They had said goodbye to their mother that morning not knowing it was the last time. The last time...until

I am back to my thoughts a couple of days ago, that though things appear to be the last time, in reality love takes us through to the until. Their mother's death came as a thief in the night but they were alert and prepared for the shock and even in the first flush of grief they could offer forgiveness. They spoke with faith, firmness and clarity of the power of love over hate. Tearless and in shock,,they were solid in their understanding of the cross. It was poignant and unforgettable.

They may have reflected on the 'last time' but their predominant thought was 'until'. Until they meet her again in Jesus' Kingdom. That until is fuelled by love and will carry them through all the hard days to come. It will strengthen and sustain them as they hang on to the hope we have in Jesus.

Until. A promise of a heavenly party. An invitation to it. Where we will all sit down at the father's table.

Most of us won't face such a brutal end to this day, but we may be facing situations which seem heavy and emotionally leaden, where a situation or circumstance or relationship weighs like a pall on our hopes and dreams.

But this is the day that The Lord has made and if we allow God into the things of life, big and small, he can transform them in his presence and carry us forward in the hope to which he has called us.

Have a great one. Don't be undermined by any thieves in the night.

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