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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Rainbow through the Rain

Tree trimming

The council’s tree trimmers are outside, increasing the space between the tops of some of our trees and the overhead electric lines. They are nice guys, clipping and sawing their way through branches too high for me to reach.  Some of our trees are having a proper haircut. 

When these guys finish, the greenhouse will enjoy more sunshine and heat, and the apple trees in the orchard will benefit from late afternoon warmth from the south-western skies. Disruptions to the power during storms will be averted. 

The cost for this is that the lilac tree, which is just beginning to bud and get ready to bloom, is being denuded. Most of those immature blooms lie dying on the ground right now, and I fear there may be no lilacs fragrancing our home this summer. Had we kept that tree pruned properly, we might have enjoyed the blossom because we wouldn’t have needed to resort to such drastic measures. It would have retained a modest height and bloomed, beautifully bloomed.

Of course it will bloom again, next year. But that is a long time to wait.

Our Father in heaven is the divine gardener, who prunes us at just the right moment so that we can blossom and release fragrance in our environments. He keeps us from overshadowing other fruitful believers by trimming us down and keeping us in proportion. 

Pruning hurts. We may not look very attractive while we’re being pruned. We may protest, seeing that something we thought was about to bloom has been lopped off and is lying on the ground, dying. But God is directing it all, creating a harmonious spiritual garden in which each fruitful believer is given the right amount of sunshine to blossom and bear fragrant, or delicious, fruit. 

We have the choice to look unattractive while being pruned, by complaining, moaning, wondering aloud where God is in all this. Or we can choose to let God’s beauty shine through our pain. We can choose to trust the gardener to prune well. We can choose to wait patiently until we can bloom again, fragrant and fruitfully bloom. 

People dear to me are making that second choice as they go through an extended time of pruning. Rather than looking forlornly at the branches that have been trimmed, of moaning about their situation or questioning God’s creative abilities, they are trusting in his divine and never-ending love, looking to him and waiting expectantly.

And they are beautiful as they do that. They reveal the rainbow through the rain. To God be the glory.

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