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Monday, 1 June 2015

Running Wild

Running wild

Something so refreshing about watching a dog run free, ears flapping, paws pounding through empty fields. Joyful abandon. Complete and utter pleasure in the moment.

An unexpected start to the week when a friend texted to say she was walking her great big teddy bear of a dog near me and did I want to join them? With my mind mushed with many pressures and tired – in a good way – from a wonderful conference, I knew that was exactly what I needed to get me started.

It is windy out there and chilly for June but never mind, the fresh air blew away some of the cobwebs and the exercise got the endorphins up. I feel in the midst of uncertain times, and in such a situation remaining grounded in the now, in the detail of where I am is not just refreshing but rejuvenating.

With situations changing hour by hour and my influence on that nil in the human realm, my first thought when I went into my prayer alcove this morning was the refrain of a song we praised God with over this last weekend, ‘Hallelujah our God reigns, hallelujah our God reigns, hallelujah our God reigns, forever I will sing Hallelujah!’

So in the midst, I am running wild with Jesus, singing at the top of my voice, Hallelujah our God reigns! He reigns over back surgeries. He reigns over shingles. He reigns over 90-year-olds’ confusion and shrinking horizons. He reigns over daily commitments. He reigns over tooth problems. He reigns over necessary home repairs. He reigns over relationships. He reigns over all.

I stand in his victory. I stand in the armour he gives me. The song in my heart and on my lips is Hallelujah our God reigns. God, I am so grateful for your faithfulness. I am so grateful for your promises. I am so grateful that I am your beloved child. I am so grateful. So grateful. So grateful. 

Running wild in Jesus. Hallelujah.

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