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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Surf's up!

I grew up with surfers, catching the waves, hanging ten on the beautiful beaches of Southern California. I was never tempted, being cautious and frightened of the water.

I am in a testing time, helping my mother transition and move into safer accommodation. There is so much to think about and plan while the clock is ticking towards the big move and then the aftermath, settling her in, staying a few days and then going away and leaving her there.

I am reminded of a surfer, and against my personal inclinations I am the one on that board. The wave is rising inexorably beneath me, carrying me higher with the force of it's forward and upward propelling. It's swelling as it carries me towards the shore, which actually looks rather distant and unattainable.

Jesus, my faith and trust in him: this is the fabric of the surfboard on which I balance. And balance is the operative word. As I keep balanced on him, I can ride this wave and sweep into shore with grace and beauty. If I allow myself to check out the size of the wave, to look at it swelling to a crest, to notice the depth of water beneath my board, to lose focus, I will lose my balance and plunge off the board into the churning waves. I will eventually be deposited on the shore, bedraggled and battered and beaten. But if I remain in position, feet making the little adjustments necessary to maintain balance on Jesus, I will reach the beach erect and with poise and his grace.

More than that, though, if I can invite and accept Jesus fully into this whole situation, I can thrill to its unexpected beauties and appreciate the gifts of the moment. The acts of kindness coming our way. The expressions of love from many.

Surf's up and I am going to ride this wave, balanced on and in Jesus my Lord.

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