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Monday, 8 June 2015

Intrinsic Value - GOLD!

A man, learning to pan for gold in the Scottish borders, reached into a stream and pulled out a rather boring looking rock. He was about to throw it back in but then thought better of it and asked his teacher if it were anything special.

It was a gold nugget worth around £10,000.  Hidden within some red mineral encasement. It took the trained eye of an expert to recognise it for what it was.

Every day we meet new people. Some we are tempted to dismiss, to discard them from our lives because we fail to recognise the gold hidden deep inside. 

Every day we meet up with friends, acquaintances and even family, and can often be quick to note the dirt but slow to mention the gold. Shame on us.

I’ve heard Godly prophecy described as the act of ‘calling out the gold’ in an individual. Christians are meant to be encouragers. We are meant to look at the ordinary and discern the extraordinary. We are meant to live close to our living Lord so that he can open our eyes to see the beauty in everyone we meet. 

A prophetic word should lift someone up and help them to see themselves as God sees them. It should motivate others to go for it, to stretch that little bit higher, run that little bit faster, bend that little bit lower, to achieve great things for Jesus. 

I’d love to live in a matrix of encouragement, where the Christian community sought to perceive only that of intrinsic worth in one another and never, ever, tried to pull someone down. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I want to live each day seeking to see the gold in others. Don’t you?

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