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Monday, 15 June 2015

Even the Weeds Flower

Someone kindly noted on Saturday that despite the preponderance of weeds in my flower beds, there are pockets of vibrant colour. 

Yes, I thought later, but actually, even the weeds flower. 

The definition of a weed is a flower growing where you don’t want it. I think some weeds, though, are plants which are pernicious no matter where they grow. I was going to write that sins are like weeds of the latter variety, which they are, but I think there are other things we might not think of as sins which are just as pernicious because they undermine the beauty of our faith.

Fear and anxiety are in that category. God tells us hundreds of times in the Bible (366 times to be precise) not to be afraid. It seems to be our default response in many situations and the problem with being afraid is that it undermines our faith in the God of the impossible. Focusing on the problem instead of on the answer magnifies the problem and shrinks the faith we have in the Answer.

I’m still mulling over my experience at the Great Barrier Reef, and this morning I’ve been thinking about how completely God answered my prayer on the boat trip out to the reef, my prayer that I would not just manage to snorkel ok but that I would actually love the experience and the opportunity to enjoy one of his breathtaking beauty spots. 

My circumstances are different but I am changing tack on my prayers to reflect that experience. I am now praying that God will enable me to face whatever is coming with regards to a family situation not just with stoic determination and stiff resolve but with a divine perspective, so that I can appreciate the full vista of what is happening in relation to life itself and rejoice to see God’s hand in everything, big and small.

With God’s help I am going to wheak out that pernicious weed of fear and replace it with a beautiful dollop of faith, gratefully received from my gracious Master.

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