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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Daffodil Faith

As winter gives way to spring, green leaves shoot up from the buried daffodil bulbs. Their colour blends with surrounding vegetation and they grow largely unnoticed. Until, one by one, the central green shoot fills out and elongates and eventually bursts forth as a trumpet-shaped daffodil.

At the moment, our garden and most of Aberdeen is a carpet of spring yellow. The cheery flowers withstand still-chilly temperatures and blow gaily in the wind. 

Faith is a bit like a daffodil bulb. When the conditions are right and the Son shines on us, we begin to change, perhaps imperceptibly, but over time the green shoots burst forth and strengthen. Given the food (scripture, teaching) and water (fellowship with other believers), the wind of the Spirit and the rays of the Son, a beautiful flower of faith forms. When it opens, we no longer blend in but stand out, joyfully trumpeting out the news that Jesus is alive and his Kingdom is near.

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