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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hot Air Balloons

In my mind’s eye I could see the steel framework of a hot air balloon, devoid of covering. From beneath, a cluster of deep purple stock-type flowers thrust their blossom-laden stems upwards.

I was having a prayer time and was treated to this puzzling picture. Not sure who it may be for but have a sneaky feeling it may be me. But what is the significance? Have I become so rooted that I can no longer catch the wind of the Spirit and soar? The purple flowers were beautiful and vibrant – so bearing fruit while being connected to the Source of life? Bloom where I am planted - or uproot the flowers, re-fit the balloon and let the Spirit blow me where he will? 

The Wizard landed his hot air balloon in Oz and spun that into a prestigious, if deceitful, mission field. (No, red herring of a thought...discard). 

Has my hot air balloon of Spirit-filled life landed in a fertile field which is flowering? Does the deep purple signify the royalty of Jesus? Is this a promise of the rich fragrance of Jesus proliferating here, maybe growing out of an apparently crashed balloon?


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