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Thursday, 21 April 2016


Rudders are made to move. They are made to move boats in the direction one is aiming for. This one, however, is fixed to the seabed. It will not move. It's become anchored.

It's easy to become rigid in life. Fixed to the familiar. Stationary. Comfortable.

Life, though, is to be lived. It's s journey. Jesus should be the rudder, guiding us into the way we should go. He is always moving, never fixed.

We've come away to gain perspective and to breathe deep and just be. I feel my frozen rudder slipping ... In a good way. As if my moorings have ever so slightly given way.

Life is about choices, though we don't always recognise the privilege it is to have them.

I may choose not to change direction, but I feel my course may be altered, perhaps ever so slightly. But it will be a choice, and not a frozen inevitability.

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