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Monday, 4 April 2016

Strengthen the Core

Strengthen the core. Pilates aims to do just that: when the core is strong, any unexpected or unusual pressures on extremities  can be handled without damage to the back. Crucial physically, but also spiritually. Without a strong core, we will slip spiritual disks, wrench compassion muscles, and tear relationship ligaments. 

Part of the core is receiving the forgiveness Jesus offers. Totally receiving it. Believing his assurance that we are forgiven and stepping out strong in the freedom we have from condemnation and fear. Not being disabled by subtle or sudden attacks which could otherwise undermine our purpose. 

Part of the core is understanding our identity as children of the King, seated with Jesus in heaven and operating out of the authority that conveys.

Part of the core is the tap root of love for Jesus, with its various tributary roots of love for even the most unlovable. 

Whatever it takes – time immersed in the Bible, praising with worship CDs, silence before him, heart-felt prayer – I am going to strengthen my spiritual core today.

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