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Saturday, 30 April 2016

One Poplar Down

The poplar was older than my two younger sons. It was planted at the same time as its neighbours, but it shot to a great height quickly. Twice over the years, the top has cracked and broken off, flying into the telephone line and bringing it down. It could have been worse.

Today that poplar went down in a matter of minutes. A man with knowledge and experience and a chainsaw drove it down into the field, and then cut it into manageable logs for the fire for the foreseeable future.

The roots of that poplar have dibbled the drive so that now it needs to be repaved.

That poplar was a beautiful tree. I always enjoyed the way the new spring leaves turned in the light, a sight I will not see again. 

But it had two major flaws. It was weak above ground, where it could be seen, because it shot to great height without allowing time to bulk out some strength. It was weak below ground, its shallow roots suggesting that in a major storm, they might just give way altogether.

Spiritually it’s good to take time feeding on God and growing slowly and steadily, allowing a deep tap root connected to Jesus to securely anchor me.

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