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Monday, 16 May 2016

Embedded Gems

Morning broke early in our home today as Easyjet is unforgiving. Two minutes late? Two ounces overweight? Two carry on bags? Forget it dear.

Reflecting on the precious moments shining like gems in the dailiness of the last two weeks. One such moment was seeing Auntie and Uncle reading to wee Flick. Not sure if she was enraptured by Postman Pat, though he is certainly Number 1 on the YouTube clip parade, or if her attention was straying to her Groucho. 

As loved ones jet off in different directions, I am following a Daily Spirit Blessings booklet by Sylvia Gunter and today’s seems particularly apt. So to those close to me who I love, anyone reading this, and really the whole world, I bless you today with a real sense of understanding of your own identity in God, your Father, who loves you from forever to infinity. Be blessed today in the confidence that God knows his plans for you and has equipped you with everything you need to soar like an eagle through this day, this week, and beyond. Step out in the assurance of his Fatherly love and protectiveness, of your acceptability because of Jesus, and of the enabling to do anything with the Spirit’s help.

May the Lord bless and keep you today and shine upon you, revealing the gems embedded in your life.

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